“She’s My Hero”: Bus Driver Saves Life Of 7-Year-Old Who Was Chocking On A Coin

by Gee NY

A seven-year-old boy in Dallas, Texas, found a hero in his school bus driver after a terrifying incident on Sept 29.

Preston Bell, a student, accidentally swallowed a quarter while on his way to school that morning. Realizing what had happened, he quickly alerted his bus driver, Raquel Radford Baker.

Initially, Bell appeared unwell, as if he might vomit. Fearing that he might be in serious trouble, Baker leaped into action. According to a report by People, she carried Bell off the school bus and to a sidewalk, where she performed multiple rounds of the Heimlich maneuver to help him breathe.

Baker, with 17 years of experience working for Dallas ISD’s Transportation Services, emphasized the importance of CPR and first aid training she received as part of her job.

Her training helped save young Bell’s life during this crucial moment.

Expressing her love for the kids she transports, Baker said:

I always say, ‘Good morning, how is your day going?’ I just love to see these kids smile and make sure they get to school safely and get picked up from school and transported home in a safe manner to their parents. They are the most precious gift ever to me, and I am grateful and feel privileged to transport such precious cargo.”

Bell and his mom, Gia, recently had the chance to reunite with Radford Baker for the first time.

Gia expressed her gratitude by telling Radford Baker how much she appreciated her for saving her son’s life. Young Preston also called her his hero, saying, “I think she’s my hero because she saved my life.”

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