Christine Fields: New Details Reveal A Mistake By Medical Staff Caused Death Of Woman After Giving Birth

by Gee NY

New details have emerged surrounding the unfortunate death of Christine Fields, a 30-year-old Black woman who passed away after giving birth at Woodhull Medical Center in Brooklyn last year.

Fields, a mother of three, underwent a cesarean section, and complications during the procedure led to a devastating outcome.

The revelations come from a two-page document obtained by The New York Times, containing initial findings from the New York State Department of Health’s investigation.

Created on December 18, just over a month after Fields’ passing, the report sheds light on a critical mistake made by the medical staff.

According to the document, miscommunication among the medical team played a significant role in Fields’ death.

The surgeons allegedly failed to notify other staff members about complications arising from the procedure, a breach of safety and health regulations. The report specifically mentions a “uterine arterial injury” as the cause, ultimately resulting in maternal death.

Fields’ fiancé, Jose Perez, expressed that the cesarean section was not part of her original birth plan. He claimed that her baby’s heart rate dropped, prompting the rushed C-section.

Post-surgery, Perez noticed visible issues with Fields, bringing them to the staff’s attention. However, he alleged that the complications went unnoticed.

While the document does not explicitly name Fields or provide a detailed description of the C-section, an unidentified doctor confirmed with The Times that it refers to Fields’ case. The ongoing investigation is focusing on the labor and delivery unit.

The Times also reported that two anonymous sources within the facility revealed that some staff members were advised to undergo training or review policies following Fields’ incident.

The Department of Health informed the hospital’s leadership about the need for immediate action to prevent serious adverse outcomes during procedures.

Fields’ family has announced their intention to sue the hospital for $41 million, citing “careless and negligent” treatment.

The NYC Health and Hospital system responded by stating they have improved protocols and hired new staff in the anesthesiology and obstetrics departments.

In a statement, the healthcare system emphasized their commitment to addressing disparities and race-based healthcare gaps.

A GoFundMe fundraiser started to support her kids has raised a little over $13,000.

“Her son Liam (age 5) who was born with PASCH or Pseudoachondroplasia who Christine was raising to be fearless and never let his size stop him from reaching for the stars. Her daughter Nova (age 2) her princess/diva who she was excitedly planning her princess birthday party for early December. Lastly, for her newborn baby boy Anuel who unfortunately will never know the love she gives outside the womb,” campaign disclosed.

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