Miss Jones Admits to Getting Intimate With Busta Rhymes for a Feature She Never Received

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Miss Jones confessed that she once slept with Busta Rhymes to secure a feature back when she was a rising artist.

However, after sleeping with him — she says Busta reneged on the deal.

“I would’ve slept with him anyway, just to be clear. He wasn’t like an a–hole like that. Busta. Busta, you know–you already know. But to his defense, I was never like considered a hot R&B artist. And at that time, they wanted heat matches heat,” she shared on a recent episode of “Drink Champs.”

She continued, “He would get with [R&B group] Zhané and do a song. I’m like, ‘Am I not doing it hard enough? Like, what can I do?’ So later on when I’m like rocking in radio…it wasn’t just ‘Oh, Busta Rhymes is coming up tomorrow.’ No he’s not! We’ll get back and let Busta know when Busta can come. Busta, you probably didn’t know that. But I love him still.”

Lately, miss Jones has been sharing all of her industry secrets.

During the same interview, she revealed she once had a menage a trois with Monie Love and Tupac Shakur.

“I’m gonna tell you about the party. So Pac came and we’re walking and it’s like the music stops. Everyone else hears the music, but I’m with Monie and he stops and he looks at us and then…so like we know what the look means and we figure it out and it was a good night and that was it,” she said.

She did not want to go into any further details. Most people already knew about Pac and Monie as the British rapper admitted they hooked up during her show with Ed Lover in 2018.

She also spoke about Wendy Williams giving her a job after she was booted off Star’s show.

“Then, Wendy got word. At that point, Kevin [Hunter], her ex-husband was calling shots,” Jones said. “He did not want me and Wendy to remain friends because he always thought I was a threat. So, she called and was whispering on the phone, ‘Jones I know you just got let go. Call this person in Philly and tell them that Wendy told you to call.'”

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