‘RHOP’s Ashley Darby: ‘I Am Not a Drama Starter’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Let’s be real… “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby is doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

After dropping a bomb on Dr. Wendy Osefo during the ladies’ trip to Williamsburg and exiting the building — Ashley insists that she’s not one to start the drama.

Ashley was seen taking Dr. Wendy aside to tell her that Gizelle Bryant had informed her of the rumors that Eddie Osefo had cheated on her. Dr. Wendy immediately called Gizelle out in front of the other women.

“It was all really surprising to me,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I am not a drama starter, first of all. I just ask the questions that nobody likes, no one wants to hear.”

The mother-of-two continued, “I was not coming from a messy place this time, and … I don’t even know the word. It was like, it was, yeah, trollish.”

Ashley says she agrees with Gizelle and Robyn Dixon’s assessment of Dr. Wedny’s altered personality.

“She is a different person,” Ashley affirmed. “Not just physically. She is carrying herself differently. Her choice of conversation and dialogue is different. Maybe if we had a better relationship with her, that would be different. But because she came into this group so strong and so firm in who she was, to all of a sudden be just so different — and not in a bad way. No one says it’s bad, but it is different.”

Ashle, who has had her share of marital woes in front of Bravo’s cameras, says she thinks there could be trouble in paradise for the Osefo’s.

“I felt like there was more to her story — not that story, but to her story — than she was letting on, in that moment,” she adds.

“I think that throughout the episodes so far, we have seen that there has been — just and like with any couple especially during this pandemic — there’s just been some rockiness between Eddie and Wendy,” Ashley mused. “For us to come to that conclusion, I don’t think is too far-fetched, considering that there are things that I actually didn’t know until I watched the show [that] were happening between Eddie and Wendy. So I really don’t think that it was too much of a shot in the dark myself.”

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