White Mayor Berates Black Councilwoman In Public But Her Husband Stepped In

by Gee NY

The mayor of a suburban city in metropolitan Atlanta has come under scrutiny for berating a Black councilwoman during a recent city council meeting.

The mayor, Richard Proctor, believed that the councilwoman, Dee Latimore Berry, was asking too many questions and impeding the proceedings with queries he deemed irrelevant to the agenda.

Despite the mayor’s attempts to maintain order in the meeting, Councilwoman Berry was persistent in getting her points across.

“You’re going to have me removed for asking a question,” she responded and continued to press.

She raised concerns about the absence of the city attorney, the meeting not being closed-session as required for personnel matters, and the city manager’s position and pay.

The heated exchange escalated when Mayor Proctor aggressively yelled at Councilwoman Berry, telling her to be quiet. James Berry, the councilwoman’s husband, stood up for his wife and expressed his frustration with the mayor’s behavior.

“Let me get something squared away with you now— I’m tired of you disrespecting Mrs. Berry. You’re gonna give her respect like you give the rest of them,” James Berry boldly told the Mayor.

He emphasized that the mayor should treat his wife with respect.

In the past, the city council faced controversy when a councilman criticized a reporter for questioning the council’s actions against a citizen who had submitted numerous Georgia Open Records Act requests. The council had pursued criminal charges against the citizen for causing inconvenience, but the charges were later dropped.

Richard Proctor, Mayor of Grantville Georgia

Despite the contentious exchange between the mayor and Councilwoman Berry, the council eventually resumed the meeting and continued with city business.

Grantville’s city council is composed of the mayor and four other elected members who oversee the city’s affairs. The city has recently faced challenges after one councilman resigned, citing personal reasons in his resignation letter.

This incident highlights tensions and disagreements within the city council as they navigate various issues and concerns within their community.

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