Sabrina Elba Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary With Idris — Fart Jokes Included!

by Grace Somes
Sabrina and Idris Elba || Image credit: @sabrinaelba @idriselba

Idris Elba’s cheeky anniversary tribute to his wife, Sabrina, was a fart joke galore. 

Sabrina and Idris Elba met in 2017 while Idris was filming ‘The Mountain Between Us’ and tied the knot in 2019.

The 51-year-old Knuckles actor started his special day on Friday, April 26, with a bold video posted on social media.

The short clips showed a video of Sabrina in a robe and standing with an appeared at the counter in a kitchen.

“Human beings find the sound of flatulence very funny,” he started the narration while the 34-year-old model, wearing a robe, looked at her phone.

As her husband presumably filmed her, adding hearts around her head when he spoke about true love, Sabrina continued her daily activities in the video.

“Trying not to laugh is very difficult. Sabrina has been married to her farty-pants husband for five years. She tries her hardest not to encourage him [farting] by laughing,” Idris continued. “She knows if she doesn’t keep a straight face, he will keep going…and going…and this behavior is true love. Her husband is a lucky motherf—–.”

In 2017, a Sunday night in Vancouver, Canada’s jazz bar was where Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre first met. The actor saw the Somali-Canadian model while in town filming The Mountain Between Us with Kate Winslet, and he fell in love “at first sight.”

A video clip from a call between the couple was also included in the tribute. It appears that Sabrina said, “Even when you fart,” in response to her husband asking her about love.

Idris told his wife in the video, “‘Cause you fart too, so it’s all good.”

With a hilarious response, “I never have ever,” she said. “You used to do that all the time.”

The video’s last scene showed Sabrina laughing outside their house, probably at her spouse, who was filming.

“Five year anniversary. I love you, Sabbi,” text at the end of the short film read!

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