After 30 Years, Woman Retires From Teaching And Opens A Local Bar And Lounge In Her City

by Gee NY
LoLecia Day

After dedicating three decades to educating young minds, LoLecia Day has embarked on a new journey: she’s opening her own bar and lounge in Duncanville.

In December 2022, at the age of 53, the former public school teacher unveiled Day Drink Lounge, a cocktail bar designed to cater to working professionals in her community.

Day’s decision to open the lounge marked a significant departure from her previous life choices, which she admits were often made to satisfy others.

“I married my first husband and stayed in Paris, Texas because that was his plan,” Day explained. “I became a teacher because we had two children, and I wanted summers off to spend with them. But with my children grown and moved away, I realized it was time to do something just for me.”

With no prior experience in the restaurant industry or bartending, and lacking initial funding, Day dove headfirst into her new venture.

Balancing her teaching career with her bar duties for over a year, she finally retired from teaching on April 24, fully committing to her passion project.

Though new to the bar scene, Day is no stranger to entrepreneurship. While living in Paris, Texas, she successfully operated a lingerie store catering to plus-sized women.

“People thought I was crazy, but I wanted pretty things that I couldn’t find in stores, so I opened my shop,” she recalled.

Spotting a similar market gap in Duncanville, she realized there were no local bars for professionals, prompting the creation of Day Drink Lounge.

Her inspiration and resilience are deeply rooted in her family’s history. Her father, Robert William Day, Jr., retired from the Navy and founded a successful sanitation business in rural Texas.

Her mother, Thelma Jean, was a professional writer and dedicated herself to preserving Black history in Lamar County, also hosting wine tastings with her homemade wines and craft moonshines.

Day’s journey to owning her bar hasn’t been without challenges.

After a remarriage in 2017 ended abruptly due to domestic violence, she found the courage to leave and rebuild her life.

“I’ve grown so much in those few short years. I’m excited to see what the year brings with my bar,” she said.

Opening just as pandemic fears began to wane, Day Drink Lounge has quickly become a local favorite. The bar offers cocktail classes, small plates, live music, and even hosted a wedding officiated by Day herself.

The cozy, ultra-feminine space with curated art pieces is designed to be a welcoming environment for Duncanville’s diverse community.

Adding to her busy life, Day recently accepted a position with the City of Duncanville as the Assistant Director of Economic Development.

This role complements her entrepreneurial spirit and aligns with the collaborative environment of the “Best Southwest” partnership with neighboring cities Cedar Hill, Lancaster, and DeSoto.

Reflecting on her journey, Day encourages others to actively pursue their dreams.

“The mistake a lot of people make is dreaming about what they want to do with their lives,” she said. “I believe in putting action behind my goals. I manifested the life I wanted, and I hope other people are inspired and know that they can too.”

With Day Drink Lounge, LoLecia Day has created more than just a bar—she’s built a space for community, connection, and the celebration of new beginnings.

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