Simone Biles Says She And husband Jonathan Owens ‘Fight’ About Who’s The Better Athlete

by Grace Somes
Simone Biles and Jonathan Owen || Image credit: @jowens @simonebiles

According to Simone Biles, although her NFL player husband, Jonathan Owen, “could barely” do her workout, he argues about who is the better athlete

Olympian gymnast revealed during a recent interview on Peacock’s 2023 Back That Year Up that they argue about their sports prowess. 

Kenan Thompson, who cohosts the show with Kevin Hart, asked the seven-time Olympic medalist, “Who is the better athlete in the house?”

The 26-year-old acrobat revealed how the argument usually goes, hinting that she was more skilled than her pro footballer hubby.

“I think we’re good at our own sports. We’ve tried to pin each other against on like difficulty, ability, and all that stuff. So, at the end of the day, gymnastics is harder. If he agrees or not,” Simone said during her interview.

28-year-old Jonathan Owens plays safety for the Green Bay Packers after four full seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

Simone continued, saying, “We fought over it a couple of times and then we vowed, once we got married, we wouldn’t talk about it, again.”

She also added solid evidence that she beats Jonathan.

“He has done my workout in the gym, and he could barely do it. And then I went to their NFL workout. And I crushed it,” she revealed.

Thompson also added a nice political hint, endorsing her as a better athlete by saying he only knows her name — not her husband’s.

Her interview aired a few days after the couple went viral because Jonathan referred to himself as “the catch” in their relationship during an interview on the “Pivot” podcast.

Despite the comments sparking drama, the pair seems to be unbothered.

Biles followed up to make the announcement to those on X in a frenzy about her love life, “Are y’all done yet?” on December 2023. 

In a follow-up post, which has been deleted, the decorated athlete wrote, “Y’all want me to be insecure.”

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