Eniko Hart Shares Cryptic Post That Fans Say Suggests Kevin Hart May Have Cheated Again

by Gee NY

Eniko Hart, wife of comedian Kevin Hart, has ignited rumors of potential infidelity in her marriage after sharing a cryptic message on Instagram.

The post, reading:

“The level of ‘idgaf’ I reached this year is crazy,” led to widespread speculation and references to Kevin Hart’s past cheating scandal.

Fans on social media quickly jumped into the conversation, making jokes and expressing skepticism about Kevin’s fidelity. Some referred to the adage, “How you got him is how you’ll lose him, sis,” while others mentioned Kevin’s previous marriage and wondered about his ex-wife’s perspective.

Eniko’s post revived memories of Kevin Hart’s admission of cheating on his first wife, Torrei Hart. The couple divorced in 2011, and Kevin has openly acknowledged his infidelity during that marriage.

Eniko’s involvement with Kevin became a topic of discussion, especially considering her Instagram post in 2017, claiming eight years of being with Kevin when he had only been divorced for six.

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Comments on social media pointed to the perceived karma in Eniko’s situation, with some users recalling the public humiliation she faced during Kevin’s previous cheating scandal while she was pregnant.

Fans also noted allegations of Kevin cheating on Eniko again, with a former assistant mentioning incidents in Las Vegas and “in the office.”

Eniko and Kevin Hart, who got married in 2016, share two children. The couple’s relationship has faced public scrutiny, with Eniko previously addressing Kevin’s infidelity in a Netflix docuseries.

While speculation continues, neither Eniko nor Kevin has made any official statements regarding the recent rumors.

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