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by Yah Yah

Crissle and Fran discuss Issa and Molly’s trip to the Kiss & Grind day party and Issa’s hoe phase. Daniel’s back on the scene and Lawrence is… busy. Sit back and get your giggle on as the pair give the run down on Insecure’s latest episode.

On Issa and Daniel’s Kiss ‘n Grind Reunion
“I think [Issa] realized, with the incident with Daniel, had she resisted that, she and Lawrence would still be together. Maybe she would still be miserable or frustrated with him and maybe he would have never gotten his shit together — or maybe he would have and they would have gotten out of the rough patch. But she don’t know, because she went on and scratched that itch with Daniel.” — Crissle

On Lawrence Parking Outside Issa’s Place
“What the f**k what that about? That was so random. I guess in a way, [Lawrence] got [his feelings] hurt just now — he got bruised the f**k up — and it was a reflex to go back to Issa. Can’t go to Tasha. We don’t know, but it was his reflex to go home. I get it, in that sense, on an emotional level. But on another level, I was like, get out of here! What if she pulls up?” Fran

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