Samantha Lee Reveals Outsiders Influenced Her Decision To Split From Tyrese Gibson

by Gee NY

Samantha Lee, the former spouse of R&B singer Tyrese Gibson, recently shared on the “Hardly Initiated” podcast that her decision to divorce Tyrese was heavily influenced by the opinions of others.

The couple, who married in February 2017, announced their intention to divorce in 2020, finalizing the proceedings in August 2022.

During the podcast, Lee expressed that her decision to divorce might have been different had she sought advice from people who supported her marriage with Tyrese.

She explained, “The truth about the matter is that if I had different people in my ear at that time, I would not have made that decision, no.”

Lee acknowledged her emotional nature and tendency to overthink, expressing a desire for someone who could help her focus on the positive aspects of a situation rather than dwelling on the negatives.

Lee said:

“Because you don’t have a certain person in your life to check you and say, ‘Sis, what about these strengths?'”

She believed that shifting her mindset would have allowed her to see the positive qualities of Tyrese even when she was upset.

Lee shared that those closest to her, including loved ones and her therapist, believed that ending the marriage was the best decision for her.

Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee have a 5-year-old daughter, Soraya Gibson. Tyrese was ordered to pay $10,000 in monthly child support, along with over $230,000 in back child support and $399,000 in legal fees from their divorce battle.

Tyrese has been vocal about his displeasure with the divorce and Lee’s decision to move out while he was away filming “Fast X.” He has even released a song titled “Love Transaction” in which he addresses the financial aspects of their separation.

In addition to Soraya, Tyrese has a 16-year-old daughter, Shayla, from his first marriage, for whom he pays $10,690 monthly in child support. Tyrese has filed an appeal to reverse the court’s decision regarding child support but has not yet commented on Lee’s recent interview.

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