The Benefits Of Emu Oil

by Yah Yah

Emu oil is non-greasy and would not clog pores, it makes a good skin moisturizer and softener. Research has shown Emu oil can thicken the skin, which reduces the appearance of aging. If you suffer from arthritis or have a nagging skin condition, Emu oil may be just what you need.

After conducting massage treatments using the emu oil on her abdomen, the texture of the skin changed and elasticity was renewed. Topical application of emu oil can deliver these nutrients deep into the skin to support healthy cell growth. Is an excellent emulsifier – it can be blended with products that will not feel oily on the skin.

A study looking at factors that stimulate and inhibit skin and hair growth using emu oil and corn oil. While all parts of the emu are used (meat, nails, feathers, skin, and oil), it is not cruelty-free. Clinical Studies have shown that two major properties of Emu oil are its ability to penetrate the skin and its anti-inflammatory properties. Because it penetrates the skin so deeply and quickly, Emu oil helps to deliver fast respite from leg cramps, muscle aches, pains and pulls.

The oil is said to skin layer thickness by up to 50 percent as well as decreasing wrinkles and age spots.

Research has shown that Emu oil has superior penetrating properties and it is now a registered anti-inflammatory in its own right. There is much anecdotal material available on the anti-inflammatory abilities of Emu oil shown to be an anti-inflammatory agent, a pain reducer, and an active ingredient carrier, Emu oil also has the potential to lower cholesterol.

The potency of the anti-inflammatory effect from Emu oil is similar to ibuprofen without the negative side-effects. On the other hand, a more recent study compared the anti-inflammatory ability of emu oil with several other oils, including olive and flaxseed

Emu oil promotes faster healing for burn victims with reduced pain and scarring. Used on burns, sunburns, and scrapes, emu oil can reduce pain and blistering and is even thought to reduce scarring. The most promising use of emu oil is in pain management. Linoleic acid (an Omega-6), the second most abundant fatty acid in emu oil, has been shown to ease muscle and joint pain.

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