No More Itchy Scalps! Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair Brand Opens Its 1st Salon In Philly

by Grace Somes
Kadidja Dosso || Image credit: @dossobeauty

Dosso Beauty, a Black woman-owned hypoallergenic braiding beauty company created by Kadidja Dosso, is bringing its distinct brand of braiding hair and luxury braid services to Philadelphia with the grand opening of its first brick-and-mortar location!

For years, Kadidja Dosso, the owner and founder, has been on a mission to provide high-quality, hypoallergenic braiding hair to those who have experienced allergic reactions to traditional synthetic braiding hair products.

Since its inception, Dosso Beauty has advocated for healthy hair and inclusive beauty. Inspired by Madame C.J. Walker’s legacy, Dosso developed a line of hair products specifically designed for people with sensitive scalps, allowing them to enjoy the joy of braids without fear of irritation.

The story of Dosso Beauty is deeply personal. It began when Kadidja Dosso, the owner and founder, experienced severe allergic reactions to traditional synthetic hair. Driven by her own struggle, she collaborated with dermatologists and chemists to develop a line of hypoallergenic braiding hair free of common allergens.

“I had a really, really bad allergic reaction in 2019 that led me to our hair products, our hypoallergenic braiding hair, which has saved 50,000+ women’s lives and scalps and skins,” Dosso disclosed during her interview with FOX29 Philly.

She continued. “I knew it was the hair itself because I tried to use another brand that said it was clan therapy, and then I noticed a different reaction. So this time, it was just scalp, bumps, and all that. My skin and scalp were inflamed. It was purple, and it was unbearable. So, I knew that I had to find an option.”

“So I pulled about 200 women, and in two days, 200+ women told me they also had the same reaction.”

Dosso Beauty’s mission extends beyond its products. Kadidja envisions Dosso Beauty as a comprehensive “Dosso Beauty Experience,” creating a community space that celebrates beauty for all. This vision will finally be realized within the walls of the new Philadelphia store.

Keep an eye out for updates regarding the grand opening date and location!

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