Aspiring Rapper Key Vhani’s Claims She Shot And Killed Her Manager In Self-Defense

by Gee NY

Key Vhani, the aspiring female rapper, whose real name is Kevhani Camilla Hicks, found herself in a tragic and life-altering situation when an argument with her manager escalated into a fatal shooting on a Miami-area street last October.

Released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond, Hicks faces second-degree murder charges in connection with the incident that unfolded on Oct 9. in Wynwood.

Surveillance footage captured the harrowing scene, depicting Hicks engaged in a physical altercation with two men next to a white sedan. The footage reveals a brief scuffle that ends with Hicks pinned to the ground.

Later in the video, a second man emerges from the same car as the altercation intensifies. In a moment of desperation, Hicks retrieves a gun from her handbag and fires multiple shots towards the attackers.

As the shots rang out, the victim attempted to evade the gunfire, losing his footing in the process. Hicks, relentless in her pursuit, fired several more shots, ultimately leaving the victim slumped on the pavement.

A bystander witnessed the altercation, fleeing the scene in the opposite direction. The white vehicle parked at the scene appeared to run over Hicks as it hastily fled from the gunfire.

The incident led to police responding to reports of a shooting in Wynwood Walls, Miami’s eclectic art district. Authorities discovered the victim fatally wounded, and Hicks, disabled on the ground with blunt force injuries.

Although the victim’s identity was not immediately disclosed, it was confirmed that he succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds at the scene.

After the incident, Hicks was briefly hospitalized before investigators approached her to provide her account of the events. During a bond hearing in October, Hicks’ public defender argued that her actions were a clear case of self-defense. Despite the ongoing legal proceedings, Hicks expressed her gratitude to supporters on Instagram after making bail.

In her Instagram post, she wrote:

“Good morning to all of my supporters and fans! I’m finally home after experiencing something so traumatic and life-changing. I have 3 broken ribs and bruises all over, so I’m currently healing and getting rest.”

She continued:

“I just want to personally thank everyone who supports me and knows that I’m not the horrible person some are claiming that I am. I can’t comment on the case at all, but I pray you all continue to stand by me and support me through this tragic time. I love you all to the moon and back!”

As Key Vhani awaits trial on house arrest, the details surrounding this tragic incident continue to unfold, raising questions about the nature of the altercation and the validity of Hicks’ claims of self-defense.

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