New Book ‘The Natural Hair Dictionary’ Launched To Guide Women In Embracing Their Natural Hair

by Gee NY

Mo Williams, the visionary behind Such a Natural, a beloved Black-owned hair salon in Metro Detroit, has launched a groundbreaking resource for the natural hair community.

According to a press release issued on the project and published by Black News, The Natural Hair Dictionary is the world’s first-ever comprehensive guide to natural hair and hairstyles, offering clarity and empowerment to those passionate about embracing their natural beauty.

This sequential reference guide, aptly titled “The Natural Hair Dictionary’s: Natural Hair Style List,” features over 60 original photographs accompanied by titles and detailed descriptions of various natural hairstyles.

Drawing from over a decade of experience in the natural hair industry, Mo Williams crafted this book as a tool to empower individuals with knowledge and confidence in their hair journey.

The Natural Hair Dictionary’s: Natural Hair Style List is not only a groundbreaking book but also an online directory of Black-owned natural hair stylists and salons across the US.

Developed in collaboration with Mo Williams’ salon, Such a Natural, this resource reflects Williams’ commitment to empowering individuals through natural hair care and styling expertise.

Located at 14950 East Jefferson Avenue, Gross Pointe Park, Michigan, Such a Natural has been serving the Metro Detroit community for 14 years.

“There’s been a lack of clarity surrounding natural hair and its styles, leaving many with unanswered questions. This book is a simple yet powerful solution to that problem. By providing clear definitions and insights, individuals can make informed choices that celebrate and elevate their natural hair,” Williams explains per the release.

Praise for “The Natural Hair Dictionary” has been resounding.

Kimberly Allen, a cosmetology instructor and member of the Michigan Board of Cosmetology, commends the book’s informativeness, while journalist Kahn Santori Davison hails it as a must-have resource for anyone interested in natural hair.

The Natural Hair Dictionary’s: Natural Hair Style List is now available for purchase locally in the Detroit, Michigan area at The Van Dyke and 27th Letter Bookstores.

It is also accessible on Amazon and

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