‘The Honey Pot’ Founder Beatrice Dixon Addresses Backlash Over New Formula: ‘Things Have to Change’

by Shine My Crown Staff
The Honey Pot
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Last month, The Honey Pot founder and CEO Beatrice Dixon came under fire after consumers accused her of selling her company and ultimately “selling out.”

The claims came after the feminine hygiene company’s customer base realized the ingredients of the products had changed, which resulted in a noticeable difference.

The Honey Pot prides itself on being “natural,” and while the products have always had preservatives, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, and sodium benzoate were added to accommodate new regulations.

Dixon addressed the controversy in an appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”

“With the way that the global supply chain is set up right now, there’s certain ingredients that just aren’t available anymore because they’re in high demand and so, we need to, essentially, make some changes to our formulation to work with ingredients that were plentiful,” she told the cohosts.

Dixon added that things have to change and that The Honey Pot is not the only company that has done this.

Last month, Dixon spoke to NPR‘s Ayesha Rascoe, where she doubled down on the decision to change the formula but admitted that she would have done things differently if she had a chance to do it over again.

“I wish that we were able to do just that – just to start to communicate that there was a change in progress, to communicate what all those changes were – you know, to communicate what that meant,” Dixon explained. “We didn’t plan for that change to happen when it did. But with the way that the global supply chain is set up, we had to kind of accelerate those changes much quicker, you know, while also running the business. There were so many things that were happening all at one time and, you know – and we had to accelerate our new formula, kind of bringing it into the fold because we were out of stock, and we wanted to get back into stock faster.”

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