Janay White: Prominent Influencer Accused Of Scamming Investors Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

by Gee NY

Prominent Florida entrepreneur Janay White, known for her various business ventures and online credit-fixing business, is facing allegations of fraud, leading to multiple lawsuits filed by aggrieved investors who claim unethical business practices.

White, the CEO of eight different companies, including the J White Business Center, which specializes in credit repair services and credit education courses, is under fire amid the accusations.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, the Florida Attorney General’s office has confirmed receiving multiple fraud complaints regarding some of White’s enterprises. Three investors claim to have collectively invested $100,000 into White’s ventures.

In response to the allegations, White addressed her 34,000 followers on Facebook, stating that even when she operates with integrity, transparency, and honesty, there will be people who want to tarnish her reputation. White emphasized her commitment to maintaining high ethical standards in her businesses.

One investor, Rayvon Griffin, enrolled in White’s business credit program, but her trust was shattered when she invested $10,000 as a silent partner, expecting a 70 percent profit share from an investment property. Griffin claims she never received the promised investment property, and the properties she did see raised concerns due to extensive dilapidation and structural issues.

White is also accused of overseeing an Airbnb investment program that failed to deliver on its promises. Investors like Buddy Wilson and Andre Romano said they paid significant setup fees but received false profit-and-loss statements. Wilson and Romano’s investments totaled $56,000 and $22,000, respectively.

Jacksonville attorney Chris Dempsey plans to take Griffin’s case to trial and hopes to pursue a class-action suit against White. Wilson initiated a Facebook group to connect with fellow victims, attracting thousands of members who had experienced similar losses.

White’s case reflects a broader trend of Black influencers facing accusations of using their prominence to scam others. LaShonda and Marlon Moore, an Alabama couple who appeared on the OWN reality show “Family or Fiancé,” were sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the states of Arkansas and Texas for defrauding people through an illegal pyramid scheme. In July, the Texas Office of Attorney General secured a $10.76 million judgment against the couple and their business.

The FTC and the states accused the Moores of promoting an illegal pyramid scheme that masqueraded as a faith-based wealth-building opportunity, promising high returns on investments, which was ultimately deceptive.

White is scheduled to face further legal proceedings as she confronts the lawsuits filed against her, and the outcomes of these cases will determine the impact on her business ventures and reputation.

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