Tia Mowry Launches First-Ever Natural Haircare Line

by Xara Aziz
SOURCE: 4U by Tia

Actress and TV personality Tia Mowry is one of the latest celebrities to make headway in the natural hair care industry after she announced that she is launching 4U by Tia, a product line of natural hair care products designed for 2A to 4C hair.

The line was developed and formulated with the help of Amyris, one of the industry’s leading visionaries in clean beauty, which includes the products: Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner, Clarifying Shampoo + Lightweight Conditioner, Curl Defining Gel, Leave-in Curl Cream, Curl Refresher Mist and Multi Use Hair Oil.

All products are made with Hemi15, also known as hemisqualane, which is a “breakthrough molecule created from 100% sustainably and ethically grown, renewable sugarcane” and is made to reduce frizz and lock in moisture, according to its website.

In an interview with The Root, Mowry said that she was inspired to create the line after her experiences dealing with natural hair in the entertainment industry.

“I had always seen women in magazines and on television who looked more like the European standards. What was beautiful was women with straight hair,” she said. “I was even told by some casting directors that my hair texture was a distraction. So I started having insecurities.”

The Sister, Sister star further revealed that years of straightening caused severe damage to her hair, leading her to do the big chop in 2012.

 “I fell in love with my hair texture after I found this amazing community of women who were standing up for themselves and embracing their natural textures,” the 44-year-old German-born star explained.

She is now ready to share her healthy haircare methods with the world and is confident 4U by Tia will allow her to do so.

“You’ll see recognizable ingredients, including apple cider vinegar, watermelon extract, aloe vera and sea moss. Everything is safe for the environment,” she said. “I wanted to create a luxury brand that allows you to become a conscious consumer. I’m all about inspiring and encouraging people and that’s what I wanted to do with this line.

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