College Student Goes Viral After Raising $400K For Homeless Man Suffering From Prostate Cancer

by Gee NY
Sanai Graden and Alonzo Douglas Hebron

Sanai Graden, a college student from the University of California-Berkeley, has become a viral sensation on TikTok after sharing a video of her encounter with Alonzo, an unhoused man battling prostate cancer in Washington, D.C.

Graden, known by her TikTok handle @hustlanani, was approached by Alonzo, who requested a hot tea.

What started as a simple act of kindness turned into a five-hour journey, during which Graden learned about Alonzo’s recent prostate cancer diagnosis.

In a TikTok video captioned “Please help me help him,” Graden shared the touching story, which has garnered over 27.9 million views.

She not only purchased hot tea but also went above and beyond by refilling Alonzo’s pain medication, buying him food, securing a hotel room, and initiating a GoFundMe campaign.


I know you’ve all been waiting on his reaction. I just made it home. Please enjoy it. Thank you everyone for coming together. This would not have been possible without the endless support. This is just the beginning of something great. I’m enternally grateful. God did that !!!

♬ original sound – Nai

The fundraising effort, initially with a goal of $10,000, has astonishingly surpassed $384,600.

Graden’s generosity will extend beyond monetary support. She plans to assist Alonzo in finding permanent housing, acquiring essential items like clothes and shoes, and organizing his personal affairs.

Additionally, Graden purchased a phone for Alonzo and intends to help him set up a bank account and schedule medical appointments.

In an interview with WUSA9 News, Graden explained her motivation, stating that Alonzo reminded her of a family member.

She emphasized the importance of kindness and understanding, urging people not to judge others based on appearances.

Graden’s compassionate actions have not only changed Alonzo’s life but have also demonstrated the profound impact one person’s kindness can have on another.

As Graden and Alonzo celebrate their newfound friendship, the funds raised will be used to secure a better future for Alonzo, including setting up a trust.

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