Cheryl White: Meet The 17-Year-Old Girl Who Made History As The First Black Female Horse-Racing Jockey

by Gee NY

Northeast Ohio, already renowned for its trailblazers, adds another first to its list with Cheryl White, the first African-American female horse racing jockey in the U.S.

While many are familiar with figures like Frank Robinson and Carl B. Stokes, Cheryl White’s groundbreaking and historic achievement seemed forgotten until now.

In a recent interview with News 5’s Danita Harris, Cheryl’s brother, Raymond White, Jr., shed light on his sister’s remarkable journey and his mission to amplify her success.

Growing up on a horse farm in Rome, Ohio, Cheryl’s affinity for horses was evident from a young age.

Raymond reminisced:

“I’ve been riding horses since before I could even walk.”

Cheryl’s historic moment came at 17 when she entered the male-dominated world of horse racing at Jack Thistledown.

Undeterred by the challenges, she fearlessly rode horses that others hesitated to mount, earning numerous awards for her excellence as a jockey.

Despite her achievements, Cheryl never sought the limelight; she loved the thrill of riding.

Raymond, however, is determined to ensure his sister’s legacy receives the recognition it deserves.

Photo courtesy of Raymond White III via Horse Nation

Collaborating with New York Times reporter Sara Maslin Nir, he co-wrote the just-released book titled “The Jockey and Her Horse.” The book aims to share Cheryl White’s inspiring story with a wider audience.

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To celebrate Cheryl’s life and career, Raymond has launched a dedicated website where visitors can delve deeper into the remarkable journey of the pioneering jockey.

The website is a tribute to a phenomenal woman who, through hard work and determination, etched her name into the history books.

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