Tips For Firmer Looking Skin

by Yah Yah

We all know that as we grow older, our skin will lose its firmness. This is part of the aging process, and while we can’t put it off forever, there are a few tricks that will help to postpone the process. So how do you go about firming skin up?

Drink some fennel tea. Yes, I know it may take some getting used to, but this herb has been associated with immortality since time began. While it won’t make you immortal, it will help your skin from the inside out. If you are worried about sagging skin in the future, the time to act is now. Always, always wear sun protection via your skin care products. Invest in a sun hat and a decent set of sunglasses if you live in an area with a lot of sunshine.

Stop the crazy diets. As the celebrities currently in the news for looking like Olive Oil from Popeye or the matchstick man if I am feeling unkind, will find out starvation diets are a killer for your skin. Your body needs nutrients, and if you don’t feed it properly, your skin being the largest organ will suffer serious damage.

It doesn’t matter how many skin care products you buy or how expensive they are. Serious skin care begins with your diet and your lifestyle. So say no to dieting and yes to healthy eating.

Losing a lot of weight extremely fast isn’t a good way to firm up your skin. Pounds shed gradually are more likely to stay off. The more gradual the weight loss, the more time your skin has to adjust to your new size.

Facial exercises will help to tone your skin and postpone the loss of elasticity. Book yourself in for a weekly or monthly facial and let the therapist massage your troubles away. Well cared for skin will reward you with a more toned and healthier appearance.

Eating a well-balanced appetite, not smoking, watching your alcohol intake, getting more sleep and generally stressing less and relaxing more will all help to keep your skin firm and in shape. Use over the counter skin care products containing vitamin A or retinol as it will help your skin look firmer especially when used at night.

Another firming treatment option worth looking into is laser and light treatments. These noninvasive techniques have achieved remarkable results for some patients. They are not as drastic or expensive as the old-fashioned facelifts. Speak to your dermatologist today and ask for a referral if you feel that you need this additional treatment for firming skin.

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