Top 5 Downloads On ‘The Black Simmer’ Forum | @Xmiramira

by Yah Yah

Following on from our last piece on Amira Virgil‘s gaming forum, The Black Simmer, we wanted to find out which downloadable content packs were the most sought after in the forum.

Here, Amira lists the Top 5 most popular/talked about downloads according to the community. Enjoy!

Body Sliders By: BlackCinema

“This download is extremely popular because it expands the range of body
types you can create in game. You can make sims larger, more curvaceous.”’s-vault/

Melanin Pack 1 & 2 By: Xmiramira

“This download is also popular because it allows you to create sims in more
colors, with different undertones.”

Ebonixsims Content:

“Her downloads section of the forum/website is extremely popular due to the
content she brings to the black sims community. Recolors, Meshes,
conversions, and so much more.”

Male Content (Clothes etc)

“Creators in the forum who have created male content, such as Draco Sims &
Purfect Sims, are very popular due to the dire need of male content, more
specifically, male urban content for The Sims 4.”


“His content is very popular in the black sims community. Meshes,
conversions, and recolors mainly for male sims, help us to create the types
of sims we really want to.”!/

“These parts of the forum are extremely popular due to people really wanting
certain content, and others stepping up and filling the void. Custom
content that is very much needed and wanted, simmers are seeking out and

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