Whoopi Goldberg Goes Hard On Dolly Parton Critics Who Asked Singer To “Act Her Age”

by Gee NY

Whoopi Goldberg is pushing back against ageism in response to the recent controversy surrounding Dolly Parton’s outfit choice during the Thanksgiving evening NFL game.

In a spirited defense on her nationally televised show, the esteemed 68-year-old co-host of “The View,” swiftly addressed the criticism hurled at Parton for donning a blue and white bedazzled Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform during the halftime performance of the host Cowboys’ decisive victory over the Washington Commanders.

Raising the issue on “The View,” Goldberg didn’t mince words:

“Apparently, my turkey wasn’t the only subject online that people were hating.”

Referring to the iconic “9 to 5” singer, Goldberg continued:

“People were hating on 77-year-old superstar Dolly Parton, who stole the show on Thanksgiving, dressed in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. But some critics told her to act her age … bite me.”

Goldberg’s emphatic defense did not stop at Parton. She transitioned into addressing the disturbing comments and mockery directed at Blue Ivy, the 11-year-old daughter of music powerhouse Beyoncé, during her appearances on her mother’s Renaissance tour. Goldberg labeled the comments received by both the senior citizen and pre-teen as “shameful,” particularly highlighting the inappropriateness of age-related remarks directed at an 11-year-old.

Sunny Hostin, Goldberg’s 55-year-old co-host, joined the conversation, expressing her dismay at how people treated Blue Ivy. However, Hostin injected a touch of humor into the discussion, admitting that she wishes to look as good as Dolly Parton when she reaches the same age.

“If I look like that in one of them Cowboys things, I might have everything out. I don’t know if that’s a belly ring or what, but I want what she has,” quipped the Bronx native.

While “The View” hosts passionately defended Parton, they weren’t alone in their sentiment. Social media echoed their support, with many users praising the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer for her confident and stylish appearance.

Comments flooded in, applauding Parton’s choice of outfit, describing her as “beautiful” and commending her as an “icon.” One user even noted that Ms. Dolly “wearing a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit while singing Jolene” is nothing short of “ICON BEHAVIOR.”

The resounding sentiment on social media indicated widespread admiration for Parton’s appearance, with individuals of various ages praising her for defying stereotypes and showcasing confidence at 77.

As one male user on the X platform put it:

“I’m 61, hell no! I think she looked fantastic!”

Another admirer emphasized the challenge of maintaining a figure like Parton’s at her age, concluding:

“If any 77-year-old could pull it off, it’d be Dolly!”

The overwhelming support online reinforces the idea that age should never be a barrier to self-expression and confidence.

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