Makeup Brand Faces Backlash Over Newly Released Foundation Shade, Critics Say It Resembles Black Face Paint

by Gee NY
Image Credit: Kevin Winter

Makeup brand Youthforia is facing criticism for its attempt to diversify its foundation shade range after backlash from Black beauty creators.

The brand, known for its products available at Ulta Beauty, recently released a deep black foundation shade, but some Black beauty influencers have condemned it, likening it to black face paint.

The controversy began when Black beauty creator Golloria George reviewed Youthforia’s Date Night Skin Tint Serum last year, expressing disappointment with the lack of inclusivity in the initial shade range.

Following widespread backlash, Youthforia expanded its range to include 10 more shades, including the darkest shade, “600.” However, George’s recent review of the new shade on TikTok revealed that it closely resembled jet-black face paint, sparking further outrage.

In her video, George stated that the demand for inclusive shades was not a call for extremely dark colors resembling black paint but rather for darker shades with appropriate undertones.

This sentiment was echoed by other Black beauty creators, who criticized Youthforia’s choice of pigments in the new shade.

Youthforia CEO Fiona Co Chan had previously apologized for the lack of inclusivity in the brand’s initial launch but did not comment on the recent backlash regarding the “600” shade.

The beauty industry has been scrutinized for its lack of diversity in shade ranges, with many brands facing criticism for not adequately representing darker skin tones.

Javon Ford, a Black beauty creator and cosmetic chemist, raised concerns about the pigments used in Youthforia’s foundation shades, noting that the “600” shade contained only black iron oxide pigment, resulting in a grayish tone that did not match any human skin undertone.

The controversy surrounding Youthforia’s foundation shade highlights ongoing challenges faced by Black consumers in finding suitable makeup options.

Despite efforts by brands like Fenty Beauty to offer more inclusive shade ranges, many Black beauty influencers feel that the industry still has a long way to go in truly catering to diverse skin tones.

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