TS Madison Claims Khia Blew Nicki Minaj Deal For “Queens Court”

by Yah Yah

The Queens Court is a popular web series hosted by former rapper Khia and her co-host, TS Madison. During their shows, the pair roasts some of your favorite celebrities (mostly in good fun.) It seems that even Nicki Minaj is a huge fan.


TS Madison claims that Nicki Minaj reached out to her via her Instagram DMs asking her if she’d like to bring The Queen’s Court to television. Khia did not like the terms of the agreement, so they did not ink the deal with them. TS Madison then claimed that Will Packer was also interested in collaborating with them before he sent them an email backing out of the deal following their Mo’Nique episode in which Khia and Mo’Nique had words.

Since the episode aired, Khia has quit the show and has started her own show, titled “Gag Order.” She also alleges that Khia tried to steal the how’s trademark and denies killing any major deals.


It’s sad to see the ladies fighting like this. As controversial as their show was, they were entertaining together, and their chemistry was undeniable. We hope that they work out their issues soon and put this current drama behind them.
They have worked far too hard to let the brand go to waste!

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