Meet DeShuna Spencer, Founder Of A Streaming Service That Is Funding Stories Told by Black Creators

by Gee NY
DeShuna Spencer. Image Credit: @deshunaspencer on Instagram.

DeShuna Spencer, the Founder and CEO of kweliTV, a premier streaming service celebrating Black culture globally, has announced the launch of kweliFUND.

This groundbreaking crowdfunding platform is exclusively designed for the platform’s nearly 500 creators, aiming to revolutionize the crowdfunding experience for Black storytellers.

kweliFUND sets itself apart by offering a curated space for backers to support diverse Black creators while gaining direct access to their work.

Spencer expressed excitement about the launch, emphasizing the platform’s dedication to amplifying authentic Black voices and narratives.

The platform features a streamlined experience, showcasing 3-10 campaigns at a time to ensure quality over quantity. Each project undergoes meticulous vetting, with the majority of creators having participated in film festivals and earning award-winning accolades.

Backers can easily navigate the platform, accessing the creator’s work directly on kweliTV to gain a comprehensive understanding of their vision and style.

Theo Hollingsworth, an acclaimed filmmaker whose series ‘Sirius Lee’ streams exclusively on kweliTV, expressed enthusiasm for being part of kweliFUND’s inaugural group of creators.

He stated that the platform’s significance in providing Black filmmakers with a dedicated space to bring their stories to life and engage directly with their audience.

kweliFUND aims to foster community and collaboration, empowering backers to support filmmakers who are pushing boundaries and shaping the cultural landscape.

Inaugural campaigns include groundbreaking projects such as ‘5G,’ ‘Kimpa Vita,’ ‘Rorisang & The Gurlz,’ ‘Sirius Lee and the Multiverse Mix-up,’ ‘Soul In Motion 40,’ ‘The Adventures of Turtle Taido,’ and ‘The Rainmaking Ceremony.’

Spencer says kweliTV is committed to empowering Black storytellers and providing them with the resources they need to thrive.

With kweliFUND, the platform aims to build a space where creators can bring their visions to life and connect with supporters who share their passion for Black culture.

To learn more about kweliFUND and support Black stories, visit For media inquiries, please email:

With nearly 1,500 hours of programming, kweliTV is accessible globally and distributed to various mobile and TV apps, platforms, and educational institutions.

The platform’s mission is to reshape the Black narrative, increase visibility and economic inclusion for creators, and celebrate the global Black experience.

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