Wendy Williams Alleges Da Brat Tried to Shoot Her Shot: ‘You Got a Strong Pick-Up Game’

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Talk show queen Wendy Williams has alleged that rapper-turned-talk show host Da Brat, once tried to hit on her.

Da Brat pulled up to The Wendy Williams Show, and during the “Hot Topics” part of the show, she challenged Williams about a rumor she has heard.

“I heard you saying something bizarre,” said Da Brat. “Tell me what you said, girl.”

Williams replied: “Well, you got a strong pick-up game. Unless that’s the way you always speak to attractive women.”

Da Brat asked then asked Williams whether she thought that the rapper was trying to hit on her, and Williams replied that she did. She also added that she had the “receipts” in her phone.

“The last time we talked and I text you, it was after I saw your documentary, and I felt like you ain’t got no real friends and I wanted to be your friend so I called to check on you,” Da brat the told her.

Williams disputed Brat’s claims before the southern rapper told her to “check her phone because” she “has the same receipts.”

Da Brat tried to shut it down immediately.

“Don’t do that girl,” she said. “I love you but I’ve never been attracted to you, girl.”

Williams then asked her whether she would be interested if she were gay, to which Da Brat replied, “Nope.”

Williams’ show has been making headlines almost every day lately. Recently, she and “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star Karlie Redd have been going back and forth after Williams claimed Karlie was “too old and dusty” to date Lamar Odom.

“I don’t believe that he has a relationship with Karlie Redd. Do I believe that they mess around? Yes. Do I believe that she’s trying it? Yes. Do I believe that she’s too old and just a little dusty for him? Yes. Only ’cause Lamar, ya know, Lamar’s a simple guy of simple ways, and Karlie Redd is a strategic conniver. Proven,” she said on her show.

Karlie then clapped back, claiming she had a video of Williams doing lines… but she did not share the video.

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