Whoopi Goldberg’s Candid Parenting Advice Sparks Wild Controversy On Social Media

by Gee NY

Whoopi Goldberg’s recent remarks on parenting during an episode of “The View” have stirred discussions on social media.

In the episode, Goldberg shared her perspective on the parent-child relationship, particularly when she tried to, in her view, advise parents about the importance of not being friends with their children until they reach a certain point in adulthood.

Goldberg asserted:

“You cannot be friends with your kids,” explaining that the responsibilities and decisions parents must make may conflict with a friendship dynamic.

Co-host Joy Behar chimed in, asking at what age one should become friends with their children. Goldberg shared her personal experience, stating that she became close friends with her daughter when she turned 26.

The conversation echoes a previous episode from September 2023, where Goldberg and co-host Sunny Hostin debated the idea of being friends with adult children.

Hostin expressed her stance against being friends with adult children, citing potential conflicts when parents need to enforce rules.

Goldberg emphasized her point by saying:

“You will find that you have to become friends with your children, but only after they pass the point where they have to take care of themselves.”

She mentioned being friends with her adult grandchildren but clarified that it happens when children are past the stage of self-reliance.

Social media reactions to the clip were varied. Some agreed with Goldberg, expressing concerns about blurring the parent-child boundaries in modern parenting.

 “Facts!!! Too many parents being friends and that’s why this generation is so screwed,” replied one fan.

One fan noted that while she agreed with Goldberg, it is important to create a “safe space” for children. “You can’t be friends but you do have to be a safe space for them to be able to talk to you about anything.”

The controversy seems to reflects diverse opinions on the evolving dynamics of parenting and relationships with adult children.

“The View” continues to spark conversations on various topics, providing viewers with insights and perspectives from the show’s diverse panel of hosts.

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