Ayanna Pressley: ‘Trump has Completely Compromised Our Standing on the World Stage’

by Shine My Crown Staff

Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley, actor Storm Reid, activist Jamira Burley, and Black Lives Matter of Greater New York president Nupol Kiazolu teamed up with Team Vogue for a panel on what 2020 has been like for young Black women.

The ladies chopped it up with the publication’s editor in chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner, to discuss a way forward.

Young people are voting early in record numbers, but the ladies want people to have realistic expectations even if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected on November 3.

“Donald Trump has completely compromised our standing on the world stage. He has alienated allies, he has befriended our enemies, he has endorsed disinformation campaigns, so he is quite literally a threat to free and fair elections. Our democracy is on the ballot. And not only does he not denounce white supremacists, he emboldens them,” she said. “The contrast is very stark. Someone who emboldens white supremacy versus someone who can stand on a stage and affirm that my life matters.

“I don’t know that everything I want is going to be accomplished under a Biden-Harris administration,” Rep. Pressley continued. “But I know nothing I want is going to be accomplished under a Trump administration.”

The upcoming election may be one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the country.

“This election really represents where we’re going to move forward in this country,” Nupol explains. “And quite frankly, it’s going to determine the trajectory of our country moving forward for the next 20 years, so we really have to show up.”

Watch the full panel below.

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