Woman Found Dead At Boston Airport, Police Conclude She’s “A Victim Of Homicide”

by Gee NY

The lifeless body of a missing 31-year-old woman, Margaret Mbitu, was discovered in a vehicle in the Central Parking garage at Logan Airport in Massachusetts.

Her tragic death led authorities to issue an arrest warrant for Kevin Kangethe, a 40-year-old man suspected of her murder.

Massachusetts State Troopers found Mbitu’s body last Wednesday evening and identified her as the subject of a missing person’s investigation.

Detectives at the scene determined that she had fallen victim to homicide. This distressing discovery prompted a thorough investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding her tragic end.

Their inquiry quickly focused on Kevin Kangethe, a resident of Lowell, Massachusetts, who was acquainted with Mbitu.

Authorities revealed that the two had a relationship and alleged that Mbitu’s body exhibited signs of a violent struggle, with severe slash wounds to her face and neck, along with a puncture wound on her side. Bloodstains were found inside the vehicle.

The investigation discovered surveillance footage capturing Kangethe’s arrival at Logan Airport’s parking garage, followed by his entrance into the airport terminal, where he checked in for a flight to Kenya the day after Mbitu’s tragic demise. However, it remains unclear whether he boarded the flight at Logan Airport or on a later date.

A warrant was issued for Kangethe’s arrest, charging him with Mbitu’s murder. Law enforcement agencies are collaborating with Kenyan authorities to locate him, although there is no threat to the public or airport travelers. Limited information is being disclosed at this time to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

Mbitu’s cousin, George Kamu, described her as a “beautiful” soul and emphasized the family’s determination to seek justice for her. He requested privacy for the grieving family as they cope with this tragic loss.

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