Candace Owens: Hollywood was Created by the CIA

by Xara Aziz
Daily Wire

Candace Owens is in the news again – this time after making unsupported claims that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) formed Hollywood.

In a February 1 episode of her podcast on the Daily Wire, the right-wing political commenter suggested that Hollywood is the purveyor of a toxic culture that is infiltrating the masses.

“And I will tell you, I am a big believer that Hollywood was created by the CIA. I believe that. I firmly believe that,” she began. “You can say that’s a conspiracy theory. When I think about all of the societal ills, when I think about how they artificially place people at the top of Hollywood who are preaching toxic principles — routinely anti-family principles, now definitively satanic principles — it just should make you pause and wonder, why is that? Why is that?”

She continued: “Why do they reject someone like Russell Brand when he’s coming up and recognizing that family and faith is turning him into a good person and yet adore individuals as they’re deep in their addictions? I’m just gonna leave you guys with that thought.”

The news comes on the heels of other head-scratching remarks she made about women.

In July, Owens stated that Americans are in matriarchy and it is why she has been accused of being a misogynist.

The conversation began when the show’s guest, Andrew Tate, suggested that she imagine a society where people could control purely with emotional arguments. “We’re almost there,” he said.

She then responded: “This is why they accuse me of being an internalized misogynist because I’m able to think through and acknowledge the flaws of what happens in society when women get power. And if you want to know what happens, look around you. Women fall for emotional arguments the entire time. They show us a commercial, you know, show — it’s so sad, and before they get to the rational aspects of it, they’re already invested emotionally. And I think that virtually every societal ill that we are facing today is because of women.”

She gave the recent example of the Bud Light controversy, in which trans people were dressed up as women.

It “invaded every woman’s space, and women said, oh, but I feel bad. Because it’s how he identifies on the inside, without thinking through the fact that you’re quite literally disappearing yourselves. Right? You’re quite literally saying, I will cease existing before I let this grown man who’s wearing a wig have a bad feeling. That’s insane.”

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