Angela Simmons Receives 3 Rare Birkin Bags Worth $400,000 As X’mas Gift From Boyfriend Yo Gotti

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Image Credit: @angelasimmons/Instagram

In a Christmas surprise that epitomizes luxury and love, Angela Simmons, the 36-year-old model, received an extravagant gift from her boyfriend, rapper Yo Gotti.

According to a source exclusive to People, Yo Gotti, 42, went all out, gifting Simmons three rare Hermès Birkin bags with a combined value of around $400,000.

The lavish present included a Faubourg 20 in midnight matte, a 25 Noir Crocodile Niloticus Lisse with Gold Hardware GHW, and a limited-edition Rock 25.

Angela Simmons took to Instagram on Tuesday to share her excitement, posting a series of joyful photos with the caption:

“Blessed beyond measures!”

The couple’s romantic journey has been a public affair since Yo Gotti, born Mario Mims, declared his love for Simmons in his hit song “Down in the DM” years ago.

However, it wasn’t until January of the current year that the couple officially confirmed their relationship on social media through an elegant photoshoot featuring a Rolls-Royce.

In the post, Angela Simmons expressed her feelings, saying, “You are all I need and more.” The businesswoman and mother of 7-year-old son Sutton Joseph, from her previous relationship with late fiancé Sutton Tennyson (who tragically passed away in 2018), shared their love story with the world.

Their first public appearance together was in coordinated all-black outfits at a Grizzlies-Cavaliers game. The summer saw Yo Gotti releasing his mixtape, I Showed U So, featuring a track titled “The One,” dedicated to Simmons.

The accompanying music video showcased their romantic getaways to Greece and Dubai, capturing intimate moments that affirmed Yo Gotti’s deep feelings for Simmons.

In the song, Yo Gotti expressed the impact of Simmons on his life, rapping:

“You give me butterflies in your stomach/ Like we still in middle school/ And you give me nervous vibes when I’m missin’ you/ Girl, I’m a gangsta, and you got me kissin’ you/ First time ever, some s— I’ll never do.”

The heartfelt lyrics and the visual representation of their relationship reaffirm the strength and depth of their love as they celebrate this Christmas with an extraordinary gift.

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