Ice Spice Makes Chia History: Rapper’s Iconic Look Immortalized In Exclusive Chia Pet Collaboration

by Gee NY

Ice Spice, the dynamic “Munch” rapper, is set to become the latest icon to receive her own Chia Pet, as announced by the company in collaboration with the Chicago lifestyle brand, Living Product, on Nov. 22.

The terra cotta figurine capturing Ice Spice’s essence features her distinctive orange Afro, with chia sprouts expected to fully emerge in one to two weeks.

The miniature masterpiece also showcases her signature pink hoodie and a $100,000 diamond chain adorned with a cartoon rendering of her face.

In a statement acquired by Complex, Ice Spice expressed her excitement about this unique collaboration:

“Like my lyrics say, ‘I’m breakin’ records and I’m breakin’ news.’ I’m not sure who stole whose look, but I’m into it and am very excited about this fun partnership. Chia Pet is an iconic brand with a dope jingle — so we have that in common.”

The partnership didn’t stop at the figurine; Pio Mio Studios crafted an old-school commercial to complement this Munchkin-approved product.

JB Brode, founder and owner of Living Product, credited the idea’s inception to a brainstorming session around designing merchandise for Ice Spice.

He remarked:

“It started as just an idea for a graphic, but we knew that the idea deserved its own moment.”

Ice Spice’s manager, Tara, played a crucial role in connecting the brands, and after months of negotiations, the official collaboration with Chia Pet came to fruition.

Brode praised the Pio Mio Studios team for flawlessly executing their vision in the commercial, bringing the entire project full circle.

For fans eager to bring a touch of Ice Spice’s flair into their homes, the Chia Pet is priced at $34.99 and is currently available for purchase on and Amazon.

Starting Friday, Nov. 24 it will also be accessible on

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