Fans Call Heavily Pregnant Candace Owens A Hypocrite For Her Comments Against Feminism

by Gee NY

Candace Owens, a well-known conservative figure, is once again under scrutiny for her right-wing views after a video clip of her expressing disdain for feminism at a Turning Point USA event last October went viral.

In the video, which has garnered over 3 million views on social media, Owens voiced her strong disapproval of feminism. She shared a snippet of her speech on her Instagram Stories with a caption that read:

“Send me the rabid feminist that chose this for us!

“Telling women to act like men? You wanna be like a man? You can do bad all by yourself,” she exclaimed during her speech. “You don’t need a man. All my single ladies, all my single ladies, where we at. Let’s work 9 to 5. What? I wanna stay home and cook barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I’m cool with that. I like to bake. Leave me out of this feminist nonsense.”

What makes this even more notable is that Owens delivered this speech while visibly pregnant.

Owens continued her impassioned monologue on stage:

“So, now women are being told ‘they can do it all,’ and so guess what happens, ladies? You’re gonna have to do it all, right? Literally, because you’re still the person who has to have the kids. Only one of you is going to be able to produce the milk that these babies need. Getting maternity leave off to sprint back to work? Who chose this life for us? Send me the rabid feminist that chose this for us!”

Numerous social media users were quick to point out the perceived hypocrisy in Owens’ statements and responded on the platform. One user wrote:

“This woman is a walking contradiction like XYZXYZ.”

“Conservative women can’t seem to stay in the kitchen, quiet and barefoot, like they keep saying they want to,” noted another.

“Candace Owens telling women from a paid gig on a stage that they should be at home in a kitchen barefoot, pregnant, and uneducated with no way to make their own money will never not be completely hilarious to me,” noted one.

“She says this at a forum where woman paid to hear her,” added another. “She thinks she is smart. ‘Let me enjoy the benefits of feminism on my own. Yall stay home and bake for these men.’”

It’s worth mentioning that Owens has faced previous criticism on social media for her outspoken views, particularly when she called people who praised body-positive singer Lizzo as “beautiful” “bats—t insane.” Owens had shared a nude picture of the artist, condemning “fat acceptance.”

“Only women could be emotionally manipulated into supporting their own eradication via support for ‘trans men.’ Only women could be fooled into supporting a death cult of ‘fat acceptance.’ Today’s cultural battles prove that women are more irrational and emotional than men,” Owens tweeted.

This sparked responses from many social media users, who criticized Owens for promoting negativity and hate. Furthermore, Owens’ feminism rant also included controversial and derogatory statements about Native Americans, which she later faced backlash for, as she labeled them as “cannibals” and “drug users.”

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