Coach Cass Talks ‘Starting Over’ With Candice Camille

by Shine My Crown Staff
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Relationship guru Coach Cass sits down with Candice Camille, where they discuss overcoming generational domestic violence, how to leave a toxic relationship and starting over.

The ladies also break down the importance of self-love, while Candice shares her own experience of being in an abusive relationship and what it took to finally walk away.

Candice says her childhood played a major part in her normalizing abusive relationships.

“I’m just coming from my childhood and being from a place where you were never loved,” she shared with Coach Cass, adding that her story goes from “horrific to terrific.”

“So we were abused kids. So there was no love in the house at all. There was nothing, it was nothing that we went through… It was like survival. Right? So, you know, my father’s way of showing love was to hit my mother. So we went through domestic violence situations generational,” she continues.

“So what I thought was love was the fact that [my mom] told me that if a man hits you,that’s his way of showing that he loves you and all of that stuff. So you walk into your journey going through life with some of those things… and some of those things that happened to me. So when it happened to me, I didn’t think anything of it, because again, this is something my mother told me that this was love. That was what love was all about. So I learned, later on, now this is not what it’s all about.”

Listen to the full episode below.

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