Furious Woman Sparks Outrage Online After She Livestreams Herself Beating Teen Then Kicking Her Out

by Gee NY

The escalation of private family conflicts into public spectacles on social media has become a growing concern, as exemplified by a viral video featuring a heated argument between a mother and her teenage daughter.

The 17-minute clip, initially posted on the teen’s private Instagram account (BiggLuhhK1) and later circulated widely, depicts a tense exchange unfolding in a closet.

The daughter, visibly upset, is seen gathering her clothing, while her pregnant mother engages in verbal confrontation.

In the video, the mother questions the daughter’s behaviour, referring to a previous incident and criticizing her for taking too long to complete a task, the nature of which remains unclear.

As the argument unfolds, a thick belt comes into view, prompting viewers to express concern and disapproval through death skull emojis in the comments.

The mother continues to berate the daughter, emphasizing the live broadcast and stating:

“I whupped your a–, pregnant and all.”

The situation takes a more disturbing turn when the mother, seemingly aware of the audience, challenges the daughter to fight, leading to a physical altercation with the belt.

The mother’s aggression sparks outrage on social media, with many condemning her violent behaviour and expressing concern for the well-being of the child.

Commenters argue that the incident goes beyond discipline, constituting mental, physical, and emotional abuse.

While some acknowledge the challenges of dealing with disrespectful teenagers, the majority denounce the mother’s actions, asserting that such behaviour is unacceptable and heartbreaking.

“There is discipline, and then there’s abuse,” a comment on YouTube read. “This is clearly mental, physical, and emotional abuse.”

“As a mother, I am fully aware of how these teens can be so disrespectful, but I could never treat my child like this or record it. You hate your child,” one person wrote. Another person wrote, “Women like this don’t deserve to have children. This is absolutely heartbreaking.”

While many found the exchange outrageous, one person said she went through something similar.

“I went through stuff like this as a teenager, and it’s so validating to see this comment section and to see people clearly saying this is wrong,” one person recalled, celebrating that the mother’s actions are not being applauded. “The worst thing is when your family will turn a blind eye to this or act like it’s ‘normal.’ No teenager deserves to go through this.”

The video serves as a stark reminder of the fine line between discipline and abuse, prompting discussions on the impact of social media on exposing private family matters and the need for empathy and intervention in such situations.

As the incident continues to garner attention, questions about the boundaries of privacy, responsible online behaviour, and the role of social media platforms in moderating content arise.

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