Woman Launches Online Bootcamp Teaching Kids Addicted To Video Games How To Code

by Gee NY

Sharen Eddings, a mother of three and visionary founder of Codewithsharen LLC, is revolutionizing STEM education with her online bootcamp aimed at kids addicted to video games.

Hailing from Detroit, Eddings is a self-taught coding prodigy who, after just eight months of learning, secured her first tech job and swiftly climbed the ranks to become a Project Manager.

Her contributions to software development, including pioneering features like Blind Spot Detection and Lane Change Assistance, have had a profound impact on modern vehicles.

Despite her successful career, Eddings chose to walk away to pursue her passion for empowering young minds with transformative STEM education.

Recognizing a gap in traditional schooling, she founded Codewithsharen LLC to provide high-quality coding lessons that go beyond mere consumption of technology to actually creating it.

Her journey began when she volunteered at her son’s school to teach coding and discovered that existing STEM eLearning software fell short, offering little more than coding games in disguise.

Now, Eddings’ bootcamp offers an immersive learning experience designed to teach students how to produce technology.

By leveraging her expertise and experience, she aims to equip kids with the skills needed for future success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Through her online platform, she is not only addressing the issue of video game addiction but also preparing the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow.

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