Ice Spice’s Makeup-Free Selfie Breaks The Internet As Fans Praise Her Natural Beauty Amidst Criticism

by Gee NY
Ice Spice - Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage

In an interesting turn of events, Ice Spice, the 23-year-old rising music sensation, has taken the internet by storm with a makeup-free selfie that has gone viral.

Posted on December 10, the photo features Ice Spice donning a pink wig without her signature winged liner and rosy cheeks, showcasing a side of her that fans rarely see in her music videos or social media posts.

The image has sparked a flurry of reactions, with fans expressing awe at Ice Spice’s natural beauty while critics seized the opportunity to unleash their opinions.

Despite facing some harsh remarks, Ice Spice’s supporters commended her for embracing her authenticity and defying societal standards in a world often criticized for its superficiality.

Image credit: @yoxic on Twitter

The snapshot, which has garnered over 16 million views since its publication, has sparked a broader conversation about makeup and the expectations fans have of their favorite musicians.

Some admirers found the unfiltered look endearing, while others resorted to making jokes, with some even comparing Ice Spice’s appearance to Roger from American Dad.

One Twitter user commented:

“Pretty b*tches always got the biggest foreheads, I love it,” reflecting the diversity of opinions surrounding Ice Spice’s candid portrayal of herself.

This isn’t the first time Ice Spice has gone viral. In previous instances, investigative fans have unearthed details about her personal life, including her younger brother Joey Gaston’s status as a star athlete.

The artist’s high school yearbook photo, as well as images of her mother, have also surfaced online, allowing fans a glimpse into her early life.

In February, a yearbook photo of the “Princess Diana” artist circulated on social media, revealing her government name as Isis Gaston. Despite not featuring her trademark black blown-out hair, the image unmistakably portrays a young Ice Spice, drawing comparisons to actress Lauren London by some fans.

Currently on tour with Doja Cat, Ice Spice recently engaged in a conversation with her tourmate about professional myths and celebrity crushes, as reported by Vibe. The artist continues to make waves both on and off the stage, captivating audiences with her music and, now, with her unfiltered, makeup-free authenticity.

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