Elaine Brown’s ‘A Taste Of Power’ To Be Adapted For Film | @SistaElaine

by Yah Yah

The Firm has acquired the rights to former Black Panther leader Elaine Brown‘s 1992 memoir, A Taste of Power: A Black Woman’s Story. Elaine Brown was the first and still is the only woman head of the political group. Between the years 1974-1977, Brown was appointed leader in place of Huey Newton who at the time, was in exile in Cuba.

“Oddly, I had never thought of myself as a feminist. I had been denounced by certain radical feminist collectives as a ‘lackey’ for men. That charge was based on my having written and sung two albums of songs that my female accusers claimed elevated and praised men. Resenting that label, I had joined the majority of black women in America in denouncing feminism…. The feminists were right. The value of my life had been obliterated as much by being female as by being black and poor. Racism and sexism in America were equal partners in my oppression.”
Elaine Brown, A Taste of Power – A Black Woman’s Story

The film will be executive produced by Elaine Brown alongside producers Robbie Brenner, Jeff Kwatinetz and Kevin McKeon.

At 74, Brown is still heavily involved in the community and political activism, and she is a founder of Mothers Advocating Juvenile Justice.

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