VP Kamala Harris Pushes Back Against Criticism of Her Laugh, Cites Sexism in Response

by Gee NY

Vice President Kamala Harris is pushing back against criticism directed at her, particularly focusing on remarks about her laughter, which she suggests is rooted in sexism.

During a recent interview with actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore, Harris addressed the scrutiny she faces as the first woman Vice President.

She acknowledged that some criticism comes her way, including comments about her laughter, but said it was important not let others diminish one’s power.

“My staff sometimes shows me little things that amuse me, like some people love to talk about the way I laugh,” Harris shared, explaining that her laughter is reminiscent of her mother’s and the strong women she grew up around.

Despite facing judgment for her laughter being perceived as “uncontrollable,” Harris refuses to conform to others’ expectations.

Instead, she celebrates her authenticity and encourages others, especially younger generations, to reject societal norms and be true to themselves.

Harris’ remarks come amid a CNN report suggesting she is gearing up for the 2024 election, appearing more energized and engaged. However, criticism, particularly targeting her laugh, continues, with some attributing it to sexism.

The report highlights that while Harris has her detractors, she also has strengths that resonate with many, particularly on issues such as abortion, guns, student loans, and the situation in Gaza.

Despite facing criticism, Harris remains committed to her role and continues to advocate for her beliefs and values.

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