How to Prevent – and Reverse – Summer Hair Damage

by Danielle Bennett
Image Credit: BigStock

When we think of summer hair, we typically envision easy styles like carefree curls, romantic braids and sun-kissed highlights

But, in reality, the constant exposure to chlorine, salt water and the sun’s dangerous UV rays makes summer one of the worst times of year for our hair. 

Sizzling temps are around the corner, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Ahead are simple tips to counteract, repair and restore summer-ravaged hair.

  1. Tackle summer hair damage before it starts.
  • Do a water rinse. 

Before swimming, always remember to saturate hair strands with fresh water. The practice prevents pool chemicals and salt water absorption. 

Sweat-wicking hats and scarves that block UV rays work best.

2. Filter your strands.

After a swim, chlorine and salt deposits quickly build up on the hair, so a purifier like Color Wow’s Dream Filter Mineral Remover is clutch (Buy it, $24, 

It is the only at-home treatment that literally sifts color-distorting minerals and damaging metals out of the hair! 

Before washing, spray it all over dry hair. Leave it in for five minutes and then shampoo it out. Hair is left clean, bright and healthy.

3. Condition, condition, condition.

Replenish and rebuild strands with moisture-rich gems like Adwoa’s Stay Hydrated Kit (Buy it, $60, Its unique blend of baobab, essential oils and butters packs a major punch of hydration, strength and shine.   

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