Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes In Legal Battle Over $22,000 In Unpaid Rent

by Gee NY

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is embroiled in a legal dispute with her landlord over allegedly unpaid rent amounting to $22,000 for her now-closed business, Swagg Boutique.

According to court documents obtained by InTouch, landlord MPG-Sugarloaf served a summons to Truist Bank, informing them of the debt NeNe owes.

The bank was instructed to hold all money and property belonging to NeNe, including wages and property in safe deposit boxes, from the day of service for the next five days.

The lawsuit, filed by MPG-Sugarloaf in August 2023, claims NeNe signed a lease for the boutique in 2017.

During the pandemic, NeNe shut down Swagg Boutique, briefly reopening it in 2022 before closing it permanently. Following the closure, her landlord alleged that NeNe failed to pay the $22,000 rent.

NeNe addressed the case in a social media post, claiming her late husband, Gregg, had signed the lease. “Gregg signed the lease, not me! He ain’t here,” she wrote.

Despite these claims, NeNe remained silent in court.

Her landlord in Atlanta claimed to have served her with legal documents at her $1 million condo, leading the judge to issue a default decision in November 2023.

The total amount granted to the landlord was $25,631, which includes the $22,000 in outstanding rent plus interest.

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