Influencer Shani Jamilah Speaks On The Dangers Of Getting A BBL – “You Can Die”

by Grace Somes
Shani Jamilah || Image credit: @shanijamilah

“At any point, they can nick an artery. If fat goes into your artery, you’re dead!”

Shani Jamilah warned her fans about the risks associated with Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

The popular UK-based social media influencer appeared as a guest on a podcast where she shared her cosmetic surgery experience and the craze for “more hips”.

Jamilah opened up about how her fat cells died, and she had to “pee” them out. 

“They can die. Your body can reject it. So it’s not getting the nutrients or whatever it needs. Three, four, five months out of this sh*t, did my fat not die? So, basically means you end up peeing it out.” 

In 2019, BBC UK reported a short piece on BBL’s noting that Shani Jamilah said she got a free “Brazilian butt lift” in exchange for taking her followers “on a journey” with her.

Three years down the line, the social media star reveals she has regretted her decision to go under the knife. 

“Do you know how dangerous a BBL is? It’s the most dangerous surgery. Because of the number of arteries and veins you have in your a**, right? At any point, they can nick an artery. If fat goes into your artery, you’re dead!”

Shani Jamilah also noted that a few months after she “peed out” all her dead fat cells and went back to square one, her hips ‘magically’ grew back naturally. 

Watch the interview below:

After the clip went viral, some fans came at Jamilah, accusing her of not being straight with details about her journey

In response, she took a swipe at naysayers on X. She wrote:

“if you think I’m gonna sit here and give y’all comparison pics from before, during, and after y’all are mad… the body i have now is from a mix of my lipo from my bbl and years of depressive comfort eating. But I’ll let you deduce from the interview what you will. 

“My message remains, it’s not worth the risk, and at the young age I was, no one could’ve convinced me otherwise. So if just a few of my followers who are contemplating the surgery see this and are influenced to not have it, I’m happy.”

Shani Jamilah rose to fame after she broke up with Chelsea F.C. and Belgium international footballer Romelu Lukaku. 

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