Meagan Good’s Deep Faith In God Grounds Jonathan Majors Amid Domestic Violence Trial, Sources Reveal Growing Bond

by Grace Somes
Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors || Image credit: @meagangood @jonathan_majors

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good’s relationship is reportedly getting more serious.

Sources close to the couple reveal that she’s a big reason why Jonathan Majors can push forward through a tough time.

Meagan Good has played a critical role during this tough time in the Creed III actor’s life.

But it has also been very challenging for Meagan as she actively participates in courtroom proceedings.

In March, Jonathan Majors was arrested for harassment in Manhattan after a fight with his now ex-girlfriend, movement coach Grace Jabbari.

According to the legal documents, Majors allegedly hit Jabbari’s face, twisted her arm, and fractured her finger during the fight. 

Over the summer, the ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ movie star also filed his cross-complaint accusing his ex of assault

His lawyers claimed he was the real victim of the incident, accusing Jabbari of being the aggressor.

But the Manhattan district attorney’s office dropped the charges against her after she turned herself in in October.

During the trial, Grace Jabbari’s testimony and the prosecution’s arguments placed Majors in a negative light, especially when the accuser described the abusive relationship.

Apparently, Meagan Good, who has been in court from the beginning, is particularly upset with the text exchanges Jabbari presented in court.

The prosecution alleged Majors “engaged in cruel and manipulative patterns of psychological and physical abuse” toward Jabbari even before the March incident. 

According to her purported confidant, after listening to all the negative things they had to say about Jonathan, she feels Jabbari was manipulative and controlling her boyfriend

Meagan Good has been by Majors’ side throughout the trial in recent weeks. He has pleaded not guilty, claiming that Grace Jabbari is known for exaggerating, lying, and seeking attention.

Despite hearing everything in the trial, it seems Meagan Good isn’t giving up on her man. Sources reportedly state that the ex-pastor’s wife is holding on to her deep faith in God while keeping Jonathan Majors “grounded and centered”. 

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