Jayda Cheaves on Love: ‘Gave My Relationship Another Shot, and It Shot Me’

by Xara Aziz
Instagram @jaydacheaves

Jayda Cheaves is opening up about former relationship woes and pregnancy rumors in a revealing interview that has since made its rounds online.

Speaking on a muckbang on her friend Zias’ YouTube channel, the 25-year-old Georgia native confessed that she took her ex back even after knowing he cheated on her, adding that she chose to take a break from social media because she wanted to make the relationship work.

“I just had took a break off the Internet; I really went missing for a good little minute, Cheaves said. “And you know how you just get in a relationship, and you just like, well, I don’t know if you know, but girls, we get in relationships, and we just forget about ourselves.”

She added: “We totally just fall off the face of the earth because we so consumed in a relationship,” she added. “And that is where I was at in my life, and I got super duper consumed to the point. Now it’s like, I’m back free.”

Cheaves first made the admission of taking her ex back after infidelity allegations on HotNewHipHop, where she joked that she took a “shot” at the relationship, but she ended up getting “shot” by it.

“Yeah, I, like, gave my relationship another shot, and it shot me. No, it’s really not funny. I’m laughing. That’s a trauma response, but yeah,” she said.

Although the relationship did not work, the TV personality says she still believes in love, adding that she is ready to receive it when the time is right.

“Right now, I’m just single. I’m just chilling. I’m outside. I’m chilling. I’m having a ball with my friends. That’s all that matters to me and being a good mom, working on my business,” she said. “But as far as the relationship, because I am the type of girl when I’m in a relationship, I get so invested into the relationship to where I’d be, like, forgetting about me.”

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