Lady Goes TikTok Viral For Speaking Out Against Black Women: “At Times We ‘Karen’ Our Men”

by Gee NY

One TikTok user, Tamara (@justlivemara), a Black woman, created a video posted discussing the behavior of some Black women in relationships.

She compared it to the “Karen” stereotype, typically used to describe entitled and demanding individuals.

In the video, Tamara expressed her observation that some Black women “Karen” their own men, acting entitled and demanding in relationships.

She mentioned that, like the “Karen” stereotype, Black women sometimes play the victim, get the law involved, or publicly shame and insult their partners to gain control or when things don’t go their way.

“They gonna come for you, but I’m glad you spoke up. Honestly don’t think many will listen tho,” someone warned her.

Another person said: “You’re telling the truth!”

“I swear I get so happy when I see another women in the comments that actually agrees! Thank you sis for showing up! 🙏🏾❤️” yet another lady commended Tamara.

Tamara also emphasized the importance of considering both sides of a story and not automatically believing someone just because of their gender. She acknowledged that both men and women can be dishonest.

The video drew over 37,000 views on TikTok and 181,000 views on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter – and still counting.

While Tamara anticipated criticism for her video, it received a positive response from viewers. Some praised her for speaking out in support of men, and the video garnered thousands of views on TikTok and other social media platforms.

“You should be protected ..all the time..and with the respect of your husband, son ,And kin💯” someone said in reaction to a second video posted by Tamara on the same subject.

Another person chipped in: “I swear they’re so bitter and pathetic it’s almost comical” to which Tamara responded, “I swear “they’re so bitter and pathetic it’s almost comical”

The “Karen” stereotype has been criticized for its sexist nature and harmful stereotypes about women, and it often targets white women in specific situations.

Tamara’s video sparked a conversation about relationship dynamics and the importance of considering all perspectives in any situation.

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