Jemele Hill Puts MLK Day Hypocrites On Blast

by Yah Yah

Jemele Hill calls a spade a spade, and we love her for it. Yesterday (January 15th) was Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday. On such a day, you can expect your timelines to be flooded with images of the civil rights leader and posts quoting some of MLK’s best-loved quotes.

ESPN sportscaster, Hill, took to her Twitter out to call out those who were unsupportive of Colin Kaepernick‘s silent protest, but seem quite content posting MLK quotes all day long. It just doesn’t add up.

Kaepernick has been very publicly challenged for his ‘take a knee’ NFL protests, but Dr. King as the father of the non-violent protest and both fought peaceful for justice and equality – so how can one be so revered and the other met with such disdain?

While he was alive, King even King’s approach was seen as a threat to the white man, a Kaepernick is right now. In time, #ImWithKap will be looked at fondly as history has always faired kindly to our revolutionaries.

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