Angel Reese Breaks Up With FSU Boyfriend Cam’ron Fletcher Amid Controversy Over Leaked Nudes

by Gee NY

Louisiana State University women’s basketball star Angel Reese made headlines on social media as she addressed two significant controversies swirling around her life just days before the 2024 NCAA Women’s Tournament.

Reese took to Instagram Live to set the record straight about her relationship status, confirming her split from Florida State University basketball player Cam’ron Fletcher.

The high-profile couple had been together since 2022, but Reese stated during the Live IG session:

“Yeah I’m single. I don’t got no man. Don’t attach me to no man.”

The news of their breakup comes amidst speculation surrounding the recent leak of explicit images purported to be of Reese.

Addressing the controversy, Reese denied the authenticity of the images, attributing them to malicious actors seeking to sexualize her.

She condemned the cyberattack, stating:

“If I didn’t look the way I look y’all wouldn’t be doing this.”

While some social media users speculated about Fletcher’s involvement in the leak, Reese dismissed the accusations, emphasizing that she is a victim like many other “pretty basketball players.”

Despite their breakup, Reese expressed concern for Fletcher, who is recovering from a leg injury.

The controversies surrounding Reese have sparked discussions on social media, with users expressing support for the basketball star while condemning the invasion of her privacy.

Reese claims the nudes were AI-generated and have since been taken down by her agent.

Reese’s outspoken nature and success on the court have garnered significant attention, adding fuel to the impact of these controversies.

The 2023-24 women’s college basketball season saw record-breaking viewership, underscoring the growing popularity of the sport and the influence of players like Reese.

With the NCAA Tournament on the horizon, all eyes will be on Reese as she looks to make her mark on the court and overcome the challenges she faces off it.

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