Brittany Renner: Social Media Influencer Addresses Criticisms About The Number Of Men She’s Slept With

by Gee NY

Social media influencer Brittany Renner, with nearly 5 million followers on Instagram, is standing firm amid criticism for her recent candid revelations during a podcast interview.

Renner faced scrutiny for her drunken behavior and for openly discussing her sexual history, revealing that she has slept with over 35 men.

The controversial discussion took place on the “Behind the Likes” podcast’s December 21 episode, where hosts Chy Fontenette and Winter Blanco probed Renner about her past and questioned whether she was rebranding herself.

In response, Renner asserted:

“I think I’m just being myself. I have no problem taking accountability. I’m not about to sit here and be like everything is so grand … there is nothing I can do differently.”

Addressing her sexual history, Renner admitted to being “drunk” during intimate moments with at least half of the men on her list. Fontenette questioned Renner’s previous statement expressing regret about her body count, asking her to confirm if it was indeed 35.

Renner, known for openly discussing “taboo” topics, remained unapologetic, stating:

“I’m not sorry for a muthaf—kin’ thing I did. I don’t regret anyone I sucked, f—ked, or swallowed. I don’t have to do all that, and I am still gonna get everything I want.”

Her bold response sparked a reaction on social media, with some questioning the perception of a “low” body count and others expressing disagreement. Renner defended her count, emphasizing that the number doesn’t matter and that sharing her truth is important.

Renner has consistently embraced her sexuality and challenges societal taboos surrounding the topic. This is not the first time she has discussed her personal life publicly, having shared her body count during a previous interview on “Club Shay Shay” with Shannon Sharpe.

Renner’s connections to various entertainers and athletes, including Lil Uzi Vert, Kevin Samuels, James Harden, Colin Kaepernick, and a dinner date with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, have kept her in the public eye.

Additionally, she shares a son with Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington, leading to accusations of leveraging their relationship for financial gain through child support.

The influencer’s unabashed approach to discussing her life continues to spark conversations on social media, with opinions divided on the appropriateness and significance of her revelations.

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