Heartbreaking! Mother Of 3 Shot And Killed During Juneteenth Celebrations In Texas: ‘Help Didn’t Arrive In Time’

by Gee NY

The joyous celebrations of Juneteenth turned tragic for one family in Texas when a mother of three was fatally shot during the festivities.

On June 19, 2021, Juneteenth became a legal federal holiday in the United States, commemorating the day in 1865 when the last group of enslaved people in the South learned of their freedom under the Emancipation Proclamation.

The holiday, a portmanteau of “June” and “nineteenth,” is celebrated annually on that date. However, this year’s celebrations in Round Rock, Texas, were marred by a senseless act of violence.

Kevin and Lyndsey Vicknair attended an Old Settlers Park concert to join the Juneteenth festivities. During the event, an unknown shooter opened fire, and one of the bullets struck 33-year-old Lyndsey, killing her.

Her husband, Kevin, was left in a state of shock and helplessness as he tried to save his wife’s life.

“I didn’t have any equipment or anything. Help just didn’t arrive in time,” Kevin recounted.

Despite his efforts to perform CPR, Lyndsey succumbed to her injuries.

The following day, on Father’s Day, Kevin had the heartbreaking task of informing their children that their mother was gone.

“They took a mother who loved her family, her kids, she loved me, she loved her community, she loved her people,” Kevin said, reflecting on the profound loss.

The incident claimed the lives of two women, Lyndsey Vicknair of Manor and 54-year-old Ara Duke of Pflugerville, according to NBC News.

The senseless act has left the community reeling and grieving.

Kevin described the horrific moment when his wife was shot:

“She said ‘I’m hit,’ I said ‘you’re hit where?’ That’s when I pulled her out of the chair, and I was feeling for where she was hit, and it felt wet on her back.”

As the investigation continues, the community is left grappling with the aftermath of this tragedy. The Vicknair family, now without their beloved mother and wife, faces an unimaginable void.

Let’s keep this family in our prayers during this difficult time.

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